WP Movie Ratings v1.6 released

This is just a bugfix release updating the compatibility issues with WordPress versions higher than 2.6. It works nicely with the newest 3.0.1 too.

Here’s the changelog for this version:

  • full compatibility with WordPress 2.7.*, 2.8.*, 2.9.* and 3.0.*.
  • fixed: when ‘only_rated’ or ‘only_unrated’ option was used the ‘count’ argument the for wp_movie_ratings_show() function was ignored.
  • removed automatic pingerati.net pinging (pingerati.net is AWOL).
  • fixed: fetching movie title from IMDb (after IMDb has changed their website).

And here’s the download link.

WP Movie Ratings v1.5 released!

It’s been 1,5 years since the release of v1.4 of WP Movie Ratings plugin. Actually, there are not that many changes in version 1.5. Following the tradition, odd minor version numbers are more or less maintenance releases, witout any big features.

Here is the changelog:

  • added option to add movies without rating them (only through the administration panel) (to create a list of owned just not yet seen dvds, for example).
  • added option to select all ‘only_rated’ or ‘only_not_rated’ movies using the wp_movie_ratings_show() function call.
  • char_limit option can now be passed as a parameter to the wp_movie_ratings_show() function call.
  • fixed problems making the movie reviews pages non XHTML compliant.
  • fixed error which prevented certain users from activating the plugin (the database table was not created).
  • fixed XHTML validation error in the bookmarklet.

You will find the detailed list of changes in the changelog file. And here’s the direct download link. Enjoy!

A real celebrity using my movie ratings plugin!

First I’ve received a standard support question concerning my WP Movie Ratings plugin (Help! Your plugin is not working!) from someone called Joshua J. Greene. He has a company that has something to do with the movies. I haven’t paid much attention to his website at first, but at some point I’ve decided to look him up on imdb and that’s when the surprise came. He actually had something to do with the Hoodwinked movie! He is an actor, producer, editor, cinematographer, composer and director (all in one). So I can be proudly say now that even celebrities use my plugin!

Reference: Joshua J. Greene movie ratings page.

WP Movie Ratings featured on the WordPress Podcast

The team that creates the WordPress Podcasts decided that my WP Movie Ratings plugin is good enough to be featured in the newest episode, the 17th. I feel so honored I’m almost blushing. Go, listen to it. Now. There’s also a local copy you can download. The part about my plugin starts at 23:11.

Now as for my surname, I was aware it’s hard to pronounce it right but the way he read it… man, you’ve made my day! :)

WP Movie Ratings v1.4 released!

It’s been very long long since the latest release (1.3) of my precious WP Movie Ratings plugin. In fact, it was way too long. But it had also its bright sides, for example, I had lots of time to test it out thoroughly. Some of you bugged me via email to place your hands on the newest version before its official release and I was very happy to send it to you as it made for a great beta testing pool (thanks!). Lots of bugs were squished. Lots of code changed. I think that this is the point when my plugin reaches some kind of maturity. In its current form, that is, as there are some very heavy changes planned for 2.0.

But getting back to the just released v1.4, here are some notable changes:

  • new features: pagination when in page mode, default sorting options for page mode, option to highlight top rated movies, ability to edit imdb links for already rated movies.
  • movies are now grouped together by month when sorting by view date in page mode.
  • added a new database field with optional link that is used instead of imdb.
  • if no imdb link is given, the plugin will not look for the movie’s title on imdb.
  • fixed lots of rendering problems, character encoding issues and bugs.

You will find the detailed list of changes in the changelog file. And here’s the direct download link. Enjoy!

New wordpress plugin: Book Reviews

Devin Reams decided that movie reviews are simply not enough for him and went as far as forking my original WP Movie Ratings plugin creating a new wordpress plugin called Book Reviews, which let’s you rate… yes, you guessed it, books!

I’m very happy to see this kind of work being made. So if you need to rate books instead of just movies go and download his plugin.

Update: no longer available. Devin decided to take it off of his site.

WP Movie Ratings v1.3 released!

This release is mostly a bugfix one, as there are no major features. Only fixes for some nasty bugs and features that did not make it into the 1.2. And so the WP Movie Ratings wordpress plugin made it to the version 1.3. The most important fix is a much extended css file, that makes the plugin look good with most popular WordPress themes. Tested with Almost Spring, Blix, Connections, Green Marinée, Pool, K2, Laila and, of course, the immortal Kubrick.

Other notable changes include:

  • added reviews when in page mode.
  • added pingerati.net pinging when adding/changing movie rating.
  • you can now edit the title of the movie.
  • added sorting options in page mode (sort by title, rating, view date).

Go ahead, download it now or go to this project’s page.

Btw: Does any of you use the included bookmarklet to rate the movies?

WP Movie Ratings v1.2 released!

It’s been less than three weeks since the v1.1 release and I have managed to prepare a significant upgrade to the WP Movie Ratings wordpress plugin. Here is the direct download link. Remember to follow the upgrade instructions when upgrading.

Significant changes include:

  • you can now edit and delete your movie ratings.
  • added option to customize the dialogue title for movie ratings box via WordPress options panel.
  • added option to display movie ratings using 5 stars instead of 10.
  • ability to set custom date the film was watched on (instead of assuming the current date) and display movie ratings based on this date instead of id.
  • fixed plugin activation problems on Windows machines (no more of those errors: WordPress database error: [Table 'wordpress.wp_movie_ratings' doesn't exist]).
  • added separate page listing all movies (just create a new wordpress page and add this tag there: [[wp_movie_ratings_page]]).

WP Movie Ratings v1.1 released!

This is mostly a bugfix release as it does not include any revolutionary features (they are planned for 1.2 and 1.5 versions). It is now available for download. Remember to follow the upgrade instructions when upgrading from 1.0 or 1.0.1.

Notable changes include:

  • sidebar mode, where movie ratings are on a separate line, so the box can be as thin as 170px for star ratings (images) and 100px for text ratings.
  • renamed HTTPRequest class to WP_HTTP_Request to avoid conflicts with other HTTPRequest classes from other plugins.
  • new options panel which lets you set different display options (like the aforementioned sidebar mode).
  • option to display movie ratings using just text as an alternative to the images with stars.
  • fixed CSS problems with Internet Explorer (now works properly even with IE 5.0).
  • css inclusion moved to <head> so that the generated pages that include the output from this plugin can now be XHTML compliant.
  • removed nested SQL queries so that the plugin now works with older versions of MySQL.

WP Movie Ratings plugin page.

WP Movie Ratings v1.0 released!

Finally, just as promised, WP Movie Ratings – a wordpress plugin which lets you rate movies with just 1 click (using Firefox bookmarklet) has been released. It took me about three months to have everything polished (hReview implementation, code comments, documentation, pictures) and made ready for public consumption. Version 1.0 is available for download. Installation instructions, screenshots, faq and other important information is located on a separate page dedicated to this project.

The code is open source and has been released under the GNU GPL license.