WP Movie Ratings v1.3 released!

This release is mostly a bugfix one, as there are no major features. Only fixes for some nasty bugs and features that did not make it into the 1.2. And so the WP Movie Ratings wordpress plugin made it to the version 1.3. The most important fix is a much extended css file, that makes the plugin look good with most popular WordPress themes. Tested with Almost Spring, Blix, Connections, Green Marinée, Pool, K2, Laila and, of course, the immortal Kubrick.

Other notable changes include:

  • added reviews when in page mode.
  • added pingerati.net pinging when adding/changing movie rating.
  • you can now edit the title of the movie.
  • added sorting options in page mode (sort by title, rating, view date).

Go ahead, download it now or go to this project’s page.

Btw: Does any of you use the included bookmarklet to rate the movies?

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14 thoughts on “WP Movie Ratings v1.3 released!”

  1. Pretty cool plugin! I am testing it out right now. I’ve tried the Firefox bookmark but it sits there and never updates my blog. The actual plugin seems to be working great though. Is there a way to force the reviews to always start expanded in a Page? Regardless, great work. I’m off to watch some movies and rate them!

  2. I wish I knew the source of your problems with the bookmarklet, atm I can’t really say why it’s not working. As for the reviews I’m planning to have an option to show reviews in expanded when in page mode (v1.4 probably).

  3. Hi, very cool plug in. I’m using it right now.

    I wish 3 features for the plug in:

    -Can select what in the main page the plugin shows only the title and stars, and in the page mode shows the review too.
    -In the page mode the movie listing will “sort by date” by default.
    -Can put a link to an extended review (like an dedicated post) next to the title of a movie. This would be great because the link will visible forever. This would have an dedicated part in the add movie form.

    And this is more a technical question, is possible that when i include the movie reviews in the main page template this will be visible only at the first page and not when i navigate trough the pages (next post, previous post)?. And this would be showed below the third or fourth post and not only below the first?.

    Anyway, congratulations by your great plugin and excuse my very poor english.

  4. I love the plugin but I’m having a small problem with it. I’m using the star rating and I can’t get the stars to show on one line. Instead, it shows vertically with one star on each line. Do you know how to fix this?

  5. Help! Love the plugin but having some major problems (I think). I installed the new download and created a new “Movie” page per your instructions. Sadly my page looks like this: http://citizenjake.com/movies/ . Clearly I’m doing something wrong but what exactly? Any help would be much appreciated as I love the plugin and love movies.

  6. P.S. same thing happens when I try to put the ratings in a post as well. Is it something with my style? sorry to be so needy but its a great plugin that i really want to use.

  7. Juan -> 1) It is possible now. Try this: <?php wp_movie_ratings_show(5, array("include_review" => "no")); ?>. 2) There will be default sorting options for page mode quite soon (maybe in the upcoming version). 3) It will be in v2.0 (no ETA atm). 4) It is possible, although a little bit complicated. Read about the WordPress Loop.

    Greg, Jake -> It has to do with the page template that you are using to display movie ratings (in page mode). WordPress automatically wraps page contents in a <pre> tag, which messes up the page. It will be fixed in the new version of my plugin (2-3 weeks at most). You may try to change the page’s template (just the template, not the whole theme) for the time being.

    Cantoreck: Thanks for the kind words!

  8. paul, I don’t want to be too forward but…I love you. I went to the page and switched to the HTML editor and cut out the tags and now it works perfect and looks great. I’m so happy! Awesome plugin man, I’m going to get a lot of use out of it. Congrats and keep up the good work.

  9. Hello folks! Nowadays – with the new 1.3 Movie Rating – I always get a lot of “? ” (all the å, ä and ö:s are changed to ?) if I use the Moveratings imdb-popup. I tried to set Character encoding from Unicode UTF-8 to Nordic, or Western ( I am writing i swedish) och Western – but its still f***ed up. I always have to enter it from adminmode and change it. It was not like that in version 1.2 – what happened – and is there a solution?

  10. lausse -> Hard to say. I don’t remember changing anything that has to do with character encodings. It might be that imdb or your webhost set something differently that results in this, but so far you’re the first person to report such issue.

  11. Hey Paul, I just upgraded from 1.2 and am very pleased. I’ve been using the bookmarklet for a few months now and have had no issues whatsoever. Thanks for the great plugin.

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