WP Movie Ratings v1.6 released

This is just a bugfix release updating the compatibility issues with WordPress versions higher than 2.6. It works nicely with the newest 3.0.1 too.

Here’s the changelog for this version:

  • full compatibility with WordPress 2.7.*, 2.8.*, 2.9.* and 3.0.*.
  • fixed: when ‘only_rated’ or ‘only_unrated’ option was used the ‘count’ argument the for wp_movie_ratings_show() function was ignored.
  • removed automatic pingerati.net pinging (pingerati.net is AWOL).
  • fixed: fetching movie title from IMDb (after IMDb has changed their website).

And here’s the download link.

The case of Benjamin Button and 1080p

From an imdb review:

Pitt plays the character at almost every age, but it’s almost impossible to tell when the CGI is being used on him. You know it’s there, obviously, but you can’t tell it’s being used. When the transition is just smooth enough for the Visual Effects to be retired, but just rough enough to use makeup, it’s absolutely perfect. If you’ve ever wanted to see Brad Pitt look 20 again, look no further, as the effects that make our actors young again (the same goes for Blanchett) are just as stunning as those that make them older.

Thing is with screen big enough and a 1080p source – you can tell the difference between Brad Pitt and CGI. And you can do it quite easily. Both old and young Benjamin look very much CGI alike. And it’s not that the effects are bad, because they’re not, it’s just that at this level of details (and face close-ups) you need to have your effect to be close to perfect. Seems we’re not quite there yet. The skin, the wrinkles, small hair covering the face, freckles, moles, every face feature – those are things you see and appriciate the most when viewing good HD content. And they make the biggest impresion. I know they did on me. They say animating a face is the hardest thing to do. At HD it’s ten times harder.

DJ Honda – Get On Your Job


aiight so DJ Honda, you know who the fuck he is and if you dont….well just listen and learn. So one night Im watching a movie called STUCK with the white bitch from American Beauty and the movie opens with this ill ass Rawcotiks track….and before I can even finish watching that shit Im checkin the credits then on the net lookin all over the fuckin place for this, and for anyone whos been looking for this, take it with good expectations.

So one night I’m watching this movie Stuck with Mena Suvari of the American Beauty fame and the movie opens with this shit ass track “Get On Your Job” and before I can even start watching this movie I’m googling for the lyrics to get the artist’s and track name. No luck. Next minute I’m watching the end credits and there it is: DJ Honda – Get On Your Job. Lots of googling and I finally find the FatFaceFreddy post…

Truly a badass track.

WP Movie Ratings v1.5 released!

It’s been 1,5 years since the release of v1.4 of WP Movie Ratings plugin. Actually, there are not that many changes in version 1.5. Following the tradition, odd minor version numbers are more or less maintenance releases, witout any big features.

Here is the changelog:

  • added option to add movies without rating them (only through the administration panel) (to create a list of owned just not yet seen dvds, for example).
  • added option to select all ‘only_rated’ or ‘only_not_rated’ movies using the wp_movie_ratings_show() function call.
  • char_limit option can now be passed as a parameter to the wp_movie_ratings_show() function call.
  • fixed problems making the movie reviews pages non XHTML compliant.
  • fixed error which prevented certain users from activating the plugin (the database table was not created).
  • fixed XHTML validation error in the bookmarklet.

You will find the detailed list of changes in the changelog file. And here’s the direct download link. Enjoy!