DJ Honda – Get On Your Job


aiight so DJ Honda, you know who the fuck he is and if you dont….well just listen and learn. So one night Im watching a movie called STUCK with the white bitch from American Beauty and the movie opens with this ill ass Rawcotiks track….and before I can even finish watching that shit Im checkin the credits then on the net lookin all over the fuckin place for this, and for anyone whos been looking for this, take it with good expectations.

So one night I’m watching this movie Stuck with Mena Suvari of the American Beauty fame and the movie opens with this shit ass track “Get On Your Job” and before I can even start watching this movie I’m googling for the lyrics to get the artist’s and track name. No luck. Next minute I’m watching the end credits and there it is: DJ Honda – Get On Your Job. Lots of googling and I finally find the FatFaceFreddy post…

Truly a badass track.

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