6 thoughts on “Steal This Comic”

  1. That’s one of the biggest problem in the world wide web today, if you buy software you should remember that you always have a copy of it, because you will have to change your pc or something else. But often you forget about it, and than, all the things are lost. And tell me, who would be that fool to buy the same things again, if they could be found illegal on the internet and that for free. Sure you should have cared about, but it’s easier to be criminal, and get evering again, once you lost it, instead to life normal and don’t get the things again for free…

  2. Yeah you’ll always be a criminal if you download media, even if you buy it. So why not pirate it? I think this is the best way to get the media you want, and nobody could ever say that they don’t have illegal media, because if you get a mp3 sent from a friend, it is illegal.

  3. @Stephanie Handscanner: ‘…because if you get a mp3 sent from a friend, it is illegal’ – not necessarily, it strongly depends on your local law.

    In Poland – in the case of audiovisual works that are not freely-distributable – only distribution is illegal; you’re free to legally own anything you downloaded, and you’re free to download anything unless you’re also distributing it at the same time (which is usually the case with peer-to-peer networks). I’m not sure whether fair use covers digital versions of the audiovisual works, but if so, you can also legally share them with a friend.

    Note: There are explicit exemptions that say software is governed by separate rules.

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