William Blake FTW

First, there was Schiller and their track Lost (collaboration with Odette Di Maio). Not fully understanding the lyrics (my English being not perfect, etc.), I googled for them. And so I listen. And read. And listen. And there I am thinking omg those are surely some beautiful lyrics!

Lost again
Lyca’s parents go away
Over the valleys deep

They are lost again
Arm in arm for seven days
They traced the desert ways

They are lost again
Seven nights they sleep and dream
They see their child
Captured in the desert wild

Lost again
Till before their way
a couching lion lay

Follow me, he said
Please weep not for the maid
In my palace deep
Your Lyca lies deep asleep

They looked in his eyes
His eyes filled with deep surprise
And wondering behold
A spirit armed in gold

And another google away and it’s all clear. It’s William Blake and his poem The Little Girl Found. Really beautiful. And it has a prequel too, The Little Girl Lost. Marvellous.

Top 25 music of 2008

Continuing the tradition from 2007, 2006 and 2005 here is the list of 25 songs that completely blew my mind in 2008:

  1. Lil Wayne – Lollipop
  2. Jay Sean – Ride It
  3. Zeus – W dół
  4. Darin ft. Kat Deluna – Breathing Your Love
  5. Armin Van Buuren ft. Sharon Den Adel – In And Out Of Love
  6. Dash Berlin – Till The Sky Falls Down
  7. Britney Spears – Unusual You
  8. Danny ft. Therese – If Only You
  9. The Potbelleez – Don’t Hold Back
  10. Marek Roman – Piosenka o Kwiatach
  11. Justin Timberlake – Lovestoned/I Think She Knows (Tiesto Remix)
  12. Bangbros – I Engineer
  13. Simian Mobile Disco – I Believe
  14. Markoolio vs Tilde Froling – Emma Emma (Kobojsarna Remix)
  15. Arash ft. Shaggy – Donya
  16. Finger Eleven – Paralyzer
  17. Ernesto vs Bastian – Thrill
  18. Alex C. ft. Y-Ass – Du hast Den Schönsten Arsch der Welt
  19. 2 Pistols ft. Ray J – You Know Me
  20. Fabri Fibra ft. Gianna Nannini – In Italia
  21. Definition Part 2 ft. L’enfant – Hunterville
  22. Andrew Donalds – Simple Obsession
  23. Kid Cudi – Day ‘n’ Nite
  24. Nexx – Syncronize Lips
  25. Hollywood Undead – Undead

The way I look at it, it’s hip-hop (r’n’b) vs disco (house/pop/electronic) plus occasionally something else.

DJ Honda – Get On Your Job


aiight so DJ Honda, you know who the fuck he is and if you dont….well just listen and learn. So one night Im watching a movie called STUCK with the white bitch from American Beauty and the movie opens with this ill ass Rawcotiks track….and before I can even finish watching that shit Im checkin the credits then on the net lookin all over the fuckin place for this, and for anyone whos been looking for this, take it with good expectations.

So one night I’m watching this movie Stuck with Mena Suvari of the American Beauty fame and the movie opens with this shit ass track “Get On Your Job” and before I can even start watching this movie I’m googling for the lyrics to get the artist’s and track name. No luck. Next minute I’m watching the end credits and there it is: DJ Honda – Get On Your Job. Lots of googling and I finally find the FatFaceFreddy post…

Truly a badass track.

Top 25 music of 2007

Just like last year and the year before – here are my favourite music tunes of 2007:

  1. Monrose – Strictly Physical
  2. Mika – Relax (Take It Easy)
  3. Monrose – Hot Summer
  4. Strata – Cocaine (We’re All Going To Hell)
  5. Nelly Furtado – Say It Right
  6. Randy Crawford – When I Get Over You
  7. Sharam – Patt (Party All The Time)
  8. The Jet Set – Just Call Me
  9. Therapy – Diane
  10. Good Charlotte – Keep Your Hands Off My Girl
  11. Marc O’Tool – Let It Go
  12. iio – Is It Love?
  13. Tom Helsen – Sun In Her Eyes
  14. Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson & Doe – The Way I Are
  15. The Disco Boys – For You
  16. Christina Aguilera – Get Mine Get Yours
  17. Rihanna ft. Jay-Z – Umbrella
  18. Mustafa Sandal ft. Gentleman – Isyankar
  19. D-Jon by way of KL – It Skips But It’s Awesome
  20. Sandra – All You Zombies
  21. Sunrise Avenue – Forever Yours
  22. Dead Can Dance – The Host of Seraphim
  23. Omarion – Ice Box
  24. Meck ft. Dino – Feels Like Home
  25. Owal ft. Marta Florek – Szukam (The Nuclear Headz Remix)

Dance and house occupy 80% of this list. As usual.

Apple against the DRM

While sensible and all, I was surprised when I’ve read it (despite it coming from Apple):

Why would the big four music companies agree to let Apple and others distribute their music without using DRM systems to protect it? The simplest answer is because DRMs haven’t worked, and may never work, to halt music piracy. Though the big four music companies require that all their music sold online be protected with DRMs, these same music companies continue to sell billions of CDs a year which contain completely unprotected music.

Source: Apple’s thoughts on music (via)

Top 25 music of 2006

Just like last year – here are my favourite tunes of 2006!

  1. Largo – Tango Passion
  2. Randy Crawford – When I Get Over You
  3. Métisse – Boom Boom Ba
  4. Sharam – Patt (Party All The Time)
  5. Nelly Furtado – Say It Right
  6. The Jet Set – Just Call Me
  7. Ferry Corsten – Holding On
  8. Morandi – Love Me
  9. Bob Sinclair – World, Hold On
  10. Andru Donalds & Eugenia Vlasova – Wind Of Hope
  11. Therapy – Diane
  12. Pussycat Dolls ft. Snoop Dogg – Buttons
  13. Mory Kante – Yeke Yeke
  14. Kasia Cerekwicka – Na Kolana
  15. Arash ft. Aneela – Bombay Dreams
  16. Pati Yang – Reverse The Day.
  17. K-Maro – Les Frcres Existent Encore
  18. U2 & Green Day – The Saints Are Coming
  19. Chicane ft. Tom Jones – Stoned In Love
  20. Ivan i Delfin – Jej Czarne Oczy
  21. Ласковый Май – Белые Розы (Biełyje Rozy)
  22. Akcent – Kylie
  23. Malu – Fotonovela
  24. Shamur – Gonna Make it
  25. Long & Junior feat. DJ Wiesłaff – Bo Ja Tańczyc Chcę (Style Mix 2004)

It should be no surprise that half of those tunes come straight from my dance class.

Top 25 music of 2005

Continuing from the previous post, listing top 10 movies of 2005, here is the top 25 from the music industry. The thing with music is, that the more recent the tune is, the more I like it. No matter how good the track was half a year ago, it looses when you compare it to any half as good new track. Usually it’s because I’ve been listening to the older one too much. That’s why there are so many new tracks in the list (new for me, that is). More appropriate name for the list could probably be something along those lines: “top 25 recent tracks”, but since it’s the time of summing up the year 2005, it’s called the way it is.

  1. Juanes – La Camisa Negra
  2. D!nation – Shut Up and Dance
  3. Venice Beat ft. Tess Timony – In The Year 2525
  4. Stereophonics – Maybe Tomorrow
  5. Darin Zanyar – Step Up
  6. Anggun – Saviour
  7. Elize – Automatic (I’m Talking to You)
  8. Asle Pres. Frost – Wait for Me
  9. Ringside – Tired Of Being Sorry
  10. Shaggy ft. Olivia – Wild 2nite
  11. Rihanna – Pon De Reply
  12. Mosqitoo – I Feel You
  13. Pachanga – Loco
  14. Kanye West ft. Jay Z – Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix)
  15. Björk – Army of Me (Casey Stratton Remix) (recommendation from Greebo)
  16. Leonoff ft. Płyny – Ne Positiva Situacjone (link)
  17. Royksopp – What Else Is There
  18. Natasha St. Pier – Un Ange Frappe A Ma Port
  19. Peja/Slums Attack ft. Sweet Noise – Ile Jeszcze?!
  20. Danzel – Pump It Up
  21. Bob Sinclair – Love Generation
  22. Hurt – Załoga G
  23. Timo Maas – First Day
  24. Royksopp – Only This Moment
  25. Prezioso and Marvin – Rockin’ Deejays

That was a good year when it comes to music.