William Blake FTW

First, there was Schiller and their track Lost (collaboration with Odette Di Maio). Not fully understanding the lyrics (my English being not perfect, etc.), I googled for them. And so I listen. And read. And listen. And there I am thinking omg those are surely some beautiful lyrics!

Lost again
Lyca’s parents go away
Over the valleys deep

They are lost again
Arm in arm for seven days
They traced the desert ways

They are lost again
Seven nights they sleep and dream
They see their child
Captured in the desert wild

Lost again
Till before their way
a couching lion lay

Follow me, he said
Please weep not for the maid
In my palace deep
Your Lyca lies deep asleep

They looked in his eyes
His eyes filled with deep surprise
And wondering behold
A spirit armed in gold

And another google away and it’s all clear. It’s William Blake and his poem The Little Girl Found. Really beautiful. And it has a prequel too, The Little Girl Lost. Marvellous.

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  1. Bonjour,
    je viens de terminer avec l’aide à l’autoproduction de la Sacem
    un coffret musical:
    “Ode to William Blake”
    16 chansons- avec des poèmes de Blake + un livret de 52 pages (la vie de Blake, sa position à l’époque de la révolution française, les textes et traductions )toutes les musiques et infos sur: http://www.lezarts.info/
    qu’en pensez-vous.
    Je cherche des infos sur les analyses des poèmes choisis.
    be happy

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