2009 achievements

In no particular order:

  • finally learned how to type properly with all of my 10 fingers (instead of just 5-6 before). I’m at 25 wpm right now and that kind of blows, still, it was well worth it, although the learning curve was quite steep. And I’m still not pressing all the right keys with all the right fingers.
  • learned vim. The learning curve was even steeper than the typing one. Literally hundreds of shortcuts to remember… Vim is the best editor out there, no doubt about it and I’m very grateful to have finally found out about it.
  • first trip in my life to the west (west of Eastern Europe or Poland, my home country). Italy. Snowboard.
  • built my own custom stereo speakers system. Top class monitors based on the Peerless drivers. 5.1 system coming in 2010/2011…
  • finally moved out of my parent’s house. Still both happy and sad about it.
  • quit an uninspiring and not too much intellectually and professionally developing day job.
  • took out a mortgage to buy a new flat. A wonderful flat.
  • got significant financial help from the government to start my own company. Almost started it in 2009. I’m starting in the first days of 2010.
  • planted a seed. A significant seed.

The best goals list for 2010 is to have no goals. Come what may. Embrace the chaos.

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