Dream notebook for 2010

Would include:

  • 14-15″ OLED screen
  • <1,0 kg weight
  • 100GB on-board integrated SSD (pushing 1GB/s read/write speeds)
  • >3GHz Core i3/i5 (yet TBA on 2010/1/3)
  • no ide, no sata, no cd/dvd/bluray just USB 3.0 and hdmi

All of this is possible to make. No new technology needed. There are SSDs on PCI-E. There are OLEDs like this (AUO, LG). There are laptops on CULV processors below 0,8kg (Vaio X). There is just not a single laptop (not even announced!) that would combine it all.

I’m quite positive there would be lots of folks willing to pay the premium price (around 3-4K$ should be sensible) for this package. I would probably buy it for 50% a year later. Sadly, this system is just a dream.

On the other hand – I’m certain we will see similar designs in 2012/2013.

Happy New Year!

Update: Concept 16″ OLED Dell laptop is here. That’s a first.

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Paweł Gościcki

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