Top 25 music of 2005

Continuing from the previous post, listing top 10 movies of 2005, here is the top 25 from the music industry. The thing with music is, that the more recent the tune is, the more I like it. No matter how good the track was half a year ago, it looses when you compare it to any half as good new track. Usually it’s because I’ve been listening to the older one too much. That’s why there are so many new tracks in the list (new for me, that is). More appropriate name for the list could probably be something along those lines: “top 25 recent tracks”, but since it’s the time of summing up the year 2005, it’s called the way it is.

  1. Juanes – La Camisa Negra
  2. D!nation – Shut Up and Dance
  3. Venice Beat ft. Tess Timony – In The Year 2525
  4. Stereophonics – Maybe Tomorrow
  5. Darin Zanyar – Step Up
  6. Anggun – Saviour
  7. Elize – Automatic (I’m Talking to You)
  8. Asle Pres. Frost – Wait for Me
  9. Ringside – Tired Of Being Sorry
  10. Shaggy ft. Olivia – Wild 2nite
  11. Rihanna – Pon De Reply
  12. Mosqitoo – I Feel You
  13. Pachanga – Loco
  14. Kanye West ft. Jay Z – Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix)
  15. Björk – Army of Me (Casey Stratton Remix) (recommendation from Greebo)
  16. Leonoff ft. Płyny – Ne Positiva Situacjone (link)
  17. Royksopp – What Else Is There
  18. Natasha St. Pier – Un Ange Frappe A Ma Port
  19. Peja/Slums Attack ft. Sweet Noise – Ile Jeszcze?!
  20. Danzel – Pump It Up
  21. Bob Sinclair – Love Generation
  22. Hurt – Załoga G
  23. Timo Maas – First Day
  24. Royksopp – Only This Moment
  25. Prezioso and Marvin – Rockin’ Deejays

That was a good year when it comes to music.

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