The whole Chuck Norris meme

Chuck Norris

It has all started when NBC acquired Universal Pictures (May, 2004) and Conan O’Brien (of the Late Night with Conan O’Brien fame) dug up the archives of Walker, Texas Ranger. He has carefully chosen about a dozen clips from various episodes and showed them to the public, having lots of fun in between. Shortly thereafter someone made the list of the so called Chuck Norris facts and that’s when it all really started. Over the course of one year the trend became so huge, that Chuck himself issued an official response.

Funny thing is, that at first I had though it was only a local, Polish meme, as there’s a huge Polish list of Chuck Norris facts (over 500). It’s such a popular trend in Poland, that even people not using computers talk about it. Only lately I’ve found out the true source of it all.

All hail to Chuck Norris, who has counted to infinity. Twice.

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