Review: It All Starts Today (1999)

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A very touching movie about a schoolmaster of a local kindergarten in a small and very poor French town, where unemployment rate reached 34% (more than in Poland, incredible!). Daniel Lefebvre (played by Philippe Torreton), the schoolmaster, has to fight with the Social Security System, Child welfare and even the mayor of the city, to actually make some change. Unfortunately, it only gets worse and worse. This frustrating task brings him on the verge of an emotional breakdown.

It all Starts Today lasts for nearly two hours, but it doesn’t lose its pace even for a single minute. We see Daniel in constant motion, dealing with large arrays of problems. And there are lots of them, ranging from personal dilemmas, troubles with both kindergarten and local children to dealing hostile attitude of Child welfare employees towards him (when in fact they should cooperate, instead of fighting each other).

This is a serious political drama straight in your ass face. Only this time it is not directed by Ken Loach, nor Mike Leight, but by a French director Bertrand Tavernier. We can clearly see his inspiration by the works of those two. It only makes this movie more worth one’s while.

Simply said, it just blew me away.

Ça commence aujourd’hui/It All Starts Today (1999)

Rating: 10/10

Crazy Frog – Axel F

Crazy Frog himself

Crazy Frog (aka the most annoying thing in the world) ringtone tops the British charts.

I have absolutely no idea why people find it so annoying! I don’t find it annoying at all. Quite the opposite – it’s very funny!

I’ve spent a little bit of time searching for the full video, as it was taken down from its creators website – Kaktus Film, so I decided to upload it here and share it with you.

As a bonus, you can also watch the video that started it all. I remeber watching it quite a while ago. It was damn funny at the time (and still is)!

Here are the links to all of those files:

There’s also a trailer for the sitcom A Bear’s Tail, featuring the Crazy Frog. It’s under the very meaningful title “Fuck crazy frog”. Here’s the link:

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