Introducing movie ratings

Those who know me are also familiar with my love for movies. That’s why I’ve decided that it would be great to write a web application, that would let me easily rate them. That includes, but is not limited to: AJAX, automated title fetching from imdb and a firefox bookmarklet. Original inspiration came from Kottke. He had this kind of system on his blog for as long as I can remember (besides the sole idea, I might have also stolen those star images, I’m not quite sure now, though). It took me a little while before this project came to realization. Implementing it as a WordPress plugin seemed like the best idea. This way I can share my movie ratings with the whole wide world. And so I have finally dealt with my procrastination and simply wrote it. You can see the result just below the first note on the front page. In the foreseeable future I plan on releasing this plugin to the public (GPL). There are still some things I need to implement (RSS feed, for one). Although, if there’s any demand (at all), I might release it sooner rather than later.

UPDATE: WP Movie Ratings has been released as a WordPress plugin.

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  1. i’m looking for a plugin like this for my blog. if you’re not going to release to the general public, do you know where i could get something similar? :) thanks!

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