Google ban lifted

For the past two or three months this blog has been sandboxed by Google. Searching for terms, which usually put my page high in the results lists, yielded my blog at the very end. Googling for my own name became disgraceful. I was last on the list!

I believe it might have had something to do with my Google Ads. While experimenting with them, I might have overcrowded my page, so ads to content ratio became too high. Although it doesn’t make much sense for Google to ban me for using their own ads, yet I still believe it to be quite possible. Conspiracy theory in its fullest.

However, it’s all in the past now. Sandbox is lifted. My AWStats are showing me a 8x-10x increase in traffic coming from Google in the last 24 hours and my page is back at the top for few essential queries. All of that makes me a very happy person.

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Paweł Gościcki

Ruby/Rails programmer.