WP Movie Ratings v1.0 released!

Finally, just as promised, WP Movie Ratings – a wordpress plugin which lets you rate movies with just 1 click (using Firefox bookmarklet) has been released. It took me about three months to have everything polished (hReview implementation, code comments, documentation, pictures) and made ready for public consumption. Version 1.0 is available for download. Installation instructions, screenshots, faq and other important information is located on a separate page dedicated to this project.

The code is open source and has been released under the GNU GPL license.

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Paweł Gościcki

Ruby/Rails programmer.

3 thoughts on “WP Movie Ratings v1.0 released!”

  1. Just tried installing this on my site and I ran into a couple of errors with it. In the admin/manage area there was a SQL error that kept getting thrown. It looks like your doing a nested select which i wonder if is only available in mysql 5.0? that’s the only error I ran across…other than the results needing a large area to be displayed…but I can go in and modify that I think!

  2. You can safely ignore those SQL errors. They are indeed because of the newer MySQL version that I have. I plan on simplifying them in the upcoming 1.1 version. As for the large area which this plugin needs, well, for the moment it’s like this. I might have an option in the future to have more minimalistic look (so it fits the sidebar, for example). For now you can modify the .css as much as you want :)

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