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Only after it had ended I have realized that there is actually no Keanu Reeves in the newest Wachowski brothers movie. I was hundred per cent sure that he acts in it! At first I thought that V is him and his voice is just distorted (and that he will finally remove his mask). After one hour had passed I have begun to think that he might be just another hero or a villain that will appear in the second half of the movie. None of that has happened. I mean, just look at the poster below. Doesn’t he she look very much alike Neo from The Matrix (especially while looking from a distance)?

V for Vendetta poster crop

What’s important, though, is that Keanu Reeves acts in another new Sci-Fi movie called A Scanner Darkly directed by Richard Linklater. Can’t wait to see this one!

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4 thoughts on “V for Vendetta poster”

  1. While looking from a very far far distance, perhaps. But I would still have some doubts. But Natalie… nooo. Nevertheless, such a faux pas :P is the price you pay for guessing (knowing) the actor’s name before he appears on the screen – just judging by his hand. Wasn’t it? Or you had known it before you saw the hand? I don’t remember at the moment :)

    And as for Linklater, though I can’t also wait, you might be surprised. Unless, you saw the trailer, one of the trailers. It’ is intruiging…

  2. The masked man in the movie is Hugo, the same guy who played Agent Smith in the Matrix Movies, he is great, though in lord of the rings i kept expecting him to say Matrix lines.

    You guys HAVE to check out the movie Equilibrium, if you liked the matrix and v for vendetta it really is a must. Christian Bale is the lead actor with Tyrone Diggs.

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