Russian rocket missile shot over Eastern Poland

It all happened after 9 am on Saturday, 17th of June in Łomża, a small town in the Eastern Poland. There was a loud noise and few seconds later something big crashed into the ground. Luckily, no one was hurt. The object hit a car – Nissan Primera (pictured below) parked at local housing estate. It managed to crash the windshield, control panel and the engine of the car.

Russian rocket missile hit the car in Eastern Poland

Eyewitnesses began wondering what actually this thing is that fell from they sky. Looking at the crashed car some of them were assuming it must have fallen from an airplane passing by. The doubts were dispelled by sappers from the local army unit. – This is a part of a Russian rocket missile from the 1950s. – It seems someone was conducting a military experiment nearby.

The missile is about 15 centimeters wide and over 50 cm long. The police is looking for a person who shot it up in the air. Not everyone is convinced that it was shot from the ground, though. Some of the local residents believe it was UFO. – It must have fallen from the space. You don’t see that kind of missiles just lying on the street – argues Mr. Jan.


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  1. And so I’ve heard – that this is just a piece of space rubbish. The strange thing is that it hadn’t burnt while flying through the Earth’s layers…

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