WP Movie Ratings v1.1 released!

This is mostly a bugfix release as it does not include any revolutionary features (they are planned for 1.2 and 1.5 versions). It is now available for download. Remember to follow the upgrade instructions when upgrading from 1.0 or 1.0.1.

Notable changes include:

  • sidebar mode, where movie ratings are on a separate line, so the box can be as thin as 170px for star ratings (images) and 100px for text ratings.
  • renamed HTTPRequest class to WP_HTTP_Request to avoid conflicts with other HTTPRequest classes from other plugins.
  • new options panel which lets you set different display options (like the aforementioned sidebar mode).
  • option to display movie ratings using just text as an alternative to the images with stars.
  • fixed CSS problems with Internet Explorer (now works properly even with IE 5.0).
  • css inclusion moved to <head> so that the generated pages that include the output from this plugin can now be XHTML compliant.
  • removed nested SQL queries so that the plugin now works with older versions of MySQL.

WP Movie Ratings plugin page.

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5 thoughts on “WP Movie Ratings v1.1 released!”

  1. Tried it and been unable to populate my database.. Also 5 star rating would be awesome on the next update.

  2. So what would it take to get a plugin just like your movie ratings plugin for books, or TV shows, or video games. I am asking because I cant write code to save my life…I am just an infrastructure guy….

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