WP Movie Ratings v1.2 released!

It’s been less than three weeks since the v1.1 release and I have managed to prepare a significant upgrade to the WP Movie Ratings wordpress plugin. Here is the direct download link. Remember to follow the upgrade instructions when upgrading.

Significant changes include:

  • you can now edit and delete your movie ratings.
  • added option to customize the dialogue title for movie ratings box via WordPress options panel.
  • added option to display movie ratings using 5 stars instead of 10.
  • ability to set custom date the film was watched on (instead of assuming the current date) and display movie ratings based on this date instead of id.
  • fixed plugin activation problems on Windows machines (no more of those errors: WordPress database error: [Table 'wordpress.wp_movie_ratings' doesn't exist]).
  • added separate page listing all movies (just create a new wordpress page and add this tag there: [[wp_movie_ratings_page]]).

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25 thoughts on “WP Movie Ratings v1.2 released!”

  1. Hello, great plugin. I’ve started using it on my site but I was wondering if you could have the option to give a movie i.e. 7 and a half star?

  2. And another thing. I would like to be able to review the same movie twice cause my site is a multi-author site and they might like to review the movie as well.


    Viðar from Iceland

  3. Vidar: 7 and a half? That’s 20 possible ratings for a movie. A little bit too much for my taste. So the answer is “no”. As for the multi-author site there might be a multi-user ratings in 2.5 or 3.0 – but that’s still a big “maybe”. For now you may try to drop the UNIQUE constrain (ie: delete this line: UNIQUE KEY (imdb_url_short) from wp_movie_ratings.php) and reinstall the plugin – should work.

  4. Thanks for the reply,

    yeah I just wanted people to have the choice, for instance my friend was rating a movie and didn’t want to give it as low as 6 but thought 7 was a bit too much ;) it would then be a bit more accurate like IMDb.

    Removing the UNIQUE KEY line doesn’t do the trick btw.

    You have some good things in your todo list, good luck with this project.


  5. Vidar: IMDb lets you rate movies only from 1 to 10, without the 6.5 option (just like my plugin). The 7.3 rating that you see is the average rating of all votes. It has nothing to do with being more “accurate”. It’s still a strong “no”.

    As for the UNIQUE KEY, you must first delete the wp_movie_ratings table from the database (or modify the database schema) and only then reactivate the plugin (without this line, also remember about removing the comma in the end of the previous line).

  6. Thanx a lot – keeping me updated here – and love this plug. Having some truble with the rating page though… The ratings does not show up at all in firefox, and the just show half in safari and a bit more in explorer. I guess its the two line option that makes it. Any way to change it if I want it one line in the ratingpage – but twoline in the snippet?

  7. lausse: it is because your css is setting some rules on my images ;) I’ve sent you an updated version which behaves better in hostile environments (like yours).

  8. Well – you people keeping on make me happy! Thanx a lot for the special edition! Guess there is something I have to thinka at next time I make my update from you genious – or?

  9. lausse: Next public release will incorporate all of those changes that you are able to experience now, so standard upgrade instructions apply. As for the Starred review I’m trying to have something similar in the page mode view.

  10. Beautiful Plugin – thanks ever so much for your work! – 1) I’m having a problem with the movie ratings page: Putting [[wp_movie_ratings_page]] in a blank page only produces a page with [[wp_movie_ratings_page]] on it for me: http://www.matthiasheil.de/?page_id=1193 – any remedy for this? – 2) Another thing I would love to see is optional non-IMDB links: Sometimes there are even more informative pages on a movie I’ve seen than the one on IMDB, and this is why I would like the film title to link to them instead. – 3) Last not least, an admin edit field for the film tile might be useful – sometimes there are problems with special letters or overlong titles which I would rather like to re-word instead of cutting off the end. – Thanks again, I really like it!

  11. Matthias -> 1) Don’t know why. I’ll have it more thoroughly tested. 2) Yes, optional links will be there at one point. 3) I’ll do that too.

  12. Finally got around to add you excellent plugin. Does exactly what it should and nothing more, beautiful work! Thanks a lot Paul!

  13. bob: Try a fresh WordPress install, without any plugins and the install my plugin. It might be some other plugin that is disabling mine, but that’s just a guess.

  14. Hello

    I am using wordpress 2.2.3 and after activating your plugin I go to manage and get this:

    WordPress database error: [Table ‘xxxxxx_wrdp1.wp_movie_ratings’ doesn’t exist]
    SELECT id, title, imdb_url_short, rating, review, replacement_url, DATE_FORMAT(watched_on, ‘%Y-%m-%d %H:%i’) AS watched_on FROM wp_movie_ratings ORDER BY watched_on DESC, watched_on DESC LIMIT 20

    * No movies rated yet! Go and rate some. Now.

    (the error message fill the entire page)

    I have read here that others have reported this error, but there is no solution? There is nothing wrong with my database, I can use other plugins that create tables but not this one.

    Can you help with this problem as I would like to use the plugin.


  15. Interesting plugin. Was not aware of it and just ran into your blog while doing general surfing. Am going to d/l and try out your plugin for my blog especially for the movie reviews section. Thanks for developing and sharing this plugin, much appreciated.


  16. I have read here that others have reported this error, but there is no solution? There is nothing wrong with my database, I can use other plugins that create tables but not this one.

  17. This is just what I was looking for. Thanks a ton. It will be very useful on my blog. Much appreciated for sharing such a good plugin.

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