Hapland 3 walkthrough

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Much to my surprise Hapland 3 has been released! It’s been over a year since Hapland 2 saw the light of the day, yet I still remember very clearly my struggles to finish this highly addictive game.

By the looks of it, Hapland 3 seems to be much more complicated than the first two parts. Complicated as in harder. Hopefully I’ll have it finished by the end of July.

Hapland 3

Now I know what you came here for in the first place, the walkthrough itself. I really do think it’s so much more fun to solve all of the puzzles by yourself, but oh well, if you persist…

The complete Hapland 3 walkthrough/solution:

  • Click on the stickman beside the carrot to make it walk to right and click on the carrot, before he eats it, click the top of the box below to hit the carrot down to the cave and at the same time click the 2 yellow flies before they take away the carrot.
  • Click the leverman until you see another carrot, click stickman to eat it.
  • Click on the right side of the box to release a flap.
  • Click leverman again until you see the arrow. Click the other red arrow to face right.
  • Click the arrow above the stickman and the stickman will go down.
  • Activate both the hover pads.
  • Click on the UFO and when it gonna abduct the stickman, click on the right yellow button under the box so that it abduct the rolling stone instead and the landmine exploded and the stickman run into the house and flush the toilet.
  • Click the doorbell, click on the stickman again so that it go up the platform.
  • Click stickman again so that it goes left.
  • Click leverman until you see shield.
  • Click on the switch beside the green arrow and click on leverman.
  • Click the tube to bend upwards.
  • Click on the UFO, when it fly out of the screen, click on the shield and click on the leverman so that the stone will hit the UFO and freezes the pond. (Timing is required).
  • Click on the shield and click the leverman two more times and this will shoot a rock and a black bomb, bounce off the shield into the basket.
  • Turn on the light above the door and the stickman will go back to the other side.
  • Click the gear on the center of the box and click the left yellow button to launch a wheel to other side of the lake.
  • Click the switch on beside the green arrow again and pull the lever until you see red bomb, click on the bomb.
  • Click the leaves above the crow and spider will come out.
  • Click on the window to drop carrot.
  • Click the spider then at the same time click the crow. Timing is important again, it sequence are done correctly then the crow will shoot down a ladder and drain the lake.
  • Click the switch beside the green arrow again to make leverman go down to the bottom of the lake.
  • Click the top of the right tree to drop fruit destroy the hover pad.
  • Click on the bell and the mechanic will come down to repair, when he is outside, close the door behind him.
  • When he is at the red arrow, click him will climb up the ladder.
  • Click him again will burn the vine.
  • Click him again he will come down.
  • Click arrow twice to point right.
  • Open the gate between bathroom window and repaired hover pad.
  • Click on the left of the crate in the cave.
  • Click the mechanic to go down the cave.

Last part is the hardest, again timing is very important. Click on the mechanic, when the cart just underneath the red blob, click on it and the orange doughnut will drop into the cart, when the cart move to the left cave and just before the opening of cave, press the leverman in the bottom of the lake so that a green doughnut will drop into the cart and release the monster which eventually smash the bottom right cave and reveal a do not press green button.

Do not push the button because it will blow up the guy in the cave. You can still finish even if you do, but if you let him live, you can see some concept art for all 3 Hapland games at the end. Click the gear at the bottom right to change the sign to blue press button. Now press it and shout: I did it!

The above review comes from a comment by one of my users.

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  1. i dont understand this part
    Click on the UFO, when it fly out of the screen, click on the shield and click on the leverman so that the stone will hit the UFO and freezes the pond. (Timing is required)
    how the hec do i freeze the pond ? which UFO ? the one that u click underwater and it pops out ? i tried that its impossible it doesn tgive you enough time.
    and also your instructions ARE very confusing

  2. I have not been able to get the bird to shoot down a ladder. I click the spider, then click the crow and he gets up and plays with the carrot before knocking it into the basket. The basket falls into the water and the bomb goes off, draining the pond. The spider takes the egg and goes back in the tree but no ladder ever appears. What am I doing wrong?

  3. when u clikc on the web to drop the sider down, u need to drop the spider first then click the bird to make him jump out right after, hell try and get hte carrot then hell turn around see the spider and shoots a laser beam out of his eyes, hitting that thing stuck to the tree, unfolding him down the tree

  4. i tried tooo long but i finally said screw it im doin the walk through, thanks again

  5. Sweet!
    After getting past the fact that you cannot seem to give clear directions, I found the way to win!
    And if you couldnt understand him like me it might take a few trys but if u think hard enough u can sort-of understand him.

  6. God did that take me a long time. I (eventually) got to grips with the walkthrough and thanks, it turned out to be well helpful :-)

  7. i cant do the ufo bit, and ur instructions dont even make sense!!! we need pictures

  8. ok when i press the spider then the crow, a ladder doesnt appear and i dont know what I’m doing wrong so could you please help me?!?!?!?

  9. hey how in the world did you figure out to do that you must be pretty smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. becca or whoever you are you are make sure you eat the carrot then you’ll have to go to the bathroom which will flush the toilet which will make that gray stuff fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Awesome directions…. thx a heap. now excuse me, i am gonna brag to my friends. Thx.

  12. very confusing-you dont make yourself clear-ie. at the beggining the carrot falls into the cave and i clicked both flies-but then the green thingy comes-he took my carrot away. i thought – dang – i stopped the flies from getting my carrot but not the little green booger hingy. i restarted. and again and agian. i finally relized-omfg! it is supposed to take it so i can power the ufo. even with this walkthroug i took like 3 – 4 days to beat it. sad. where did this guy learn his english…

    but still thanks man- i did beat it- bragging time

  13. ok so first I am just making the above walktrhough a little easier so dont get mad. i’m not ttrying to steal it.
    _ ___
    |_| /_\ | _| | /_\ /\ / | ]
    | | / \ | |__ / \ / \/ |__] ___________________________________________________________
    Click the guy at the top under the moving signs we’ll call him Arthur cuz he is a knight

    [TIMING] After Arthur scoots right, click the carrot. before he eats it click on the top of the crate below him knocking the carrot into the cave below. Then two annoying flies come out. cick on each of them to kill htem. good job.

    Now click the lever man underneath Arthur, we’ll call him Levers. Ok so click on Levers until another carrot is above Arthur

    Click on the carrot so Arthur can eat it. this is important.

    Click on the right side of the crate to make a flap come down

    Click Levers until you see a red arrow. now click the other red arrow to point right

    Click the arrow above Arthur and he will go down

    Click the switches below the hover pads to turn them on BOTH OF THEM

    [TIMING] Click on the U.F.O. then immediately click the right yellow button under the crate. The UFO instead of abducting Arthur will get the stone and drop it on a land mine by the arrow. Arthur because of the carrot he ate will go inside and release it out his back side making some stuff fall and revealing a wierd red thing.

    Click the doorbell then click Arthur after his potty break and he will jump back onto the platform

    Click Arthur again so he walks to the left of the platform

    Click Levers to change the sign things until you seee a shield

    Click the switch by the green arrow that is above Levers

    Click Levers and he will swim to the other side by the house

    See that little grey tube thats above Levers, click it to bend it up

    [TIMING] Ok click the UFO and right when it flies off screen click Arthur and he will hold the shield up, then immediately click Levers and he will shoot a rock that bounces off the shield and destroys the UFO which makes freezing rain that freezes the pond. its really wierd

    [TIMING]Ok now click Arthur again so he will show off the shield click Levers to shoot the rock and bounce off of Arthurs shield. Do it again so you end up with a rock and a black bomb inside the basket under the bird. ok

    Click the little thing above the door but under the grey tube. it turns out to be a light and it will make Levers return to his original lever.

    Click the gear in the middle of the crate then click the left yellow button and a stone should roll out in front of the door.

    Turn the switch back on the one beside the green arrow. then click Levers until a red bomb shows. Click the red bomb so it melts the pond.

    ok now click the little spider web once the one above the crow/bird. then click the window and another carrot pops out.

    [TIMING] ok this can be tricky. Click the spider then click the crow bird. the spider should drop down above the egg. the crow should mess with the carrot then see its egg being stolen? or somthing. so it shoots lasers out of its eyes to kill the spider. if timed right. the laser will miss making a ladder fall down. and the spider returns to its web unharmed.

    Click the switch beside the green arrow then click Levers so he falls into the lake beside another lever. This is why we call him Levers

    Click the top of the tree in the middle. the right side of it. fruit should fall down and destroy the hover pad =[.

    [TIMING] now click the bell by the house. This guy we’ll call him mac cuz it sounds like the name of a machanic. Mac hurries outside to fix the hover pad =]. while he is outside. Click the door to shut it and make mac stay outside,

    Click him and he will go to the arrow pionting up. then click him again and he climbs up that ladder. Click him again and he will burn the vine. click him one more time and he comes back down. now last click the arrow pointing up to point right

    Click the little gate between the fixed hover pad and the bathroom window. and it should open.

    Click the left side of the crate in the cave.

    Click on mac and he should fall into that cave.

    [TIMING] Major timing is required. Click on mac and he goes into the crate and gets into this machine. when hes right barley under the red thing click it and a orange donut should pop out and fall into the machine.
    now wait till he goes into the next cave and when he is barly at the place where somthing could fall down. under the gap that is between the first hover pad and the platfrom. right when he almost gets ther. click Levers and a green donut pops out and falls in. Then a wierd monster black thing comes and does some weird stuff then he destroys the crate that the machine came out of and the rock beside it crumbles and a button says do not press and its green. DONT PRESS IT. click the gear thats not moving at the bottom right of the screen and the button turns blue and then press it.

    WOOOOOO. you beat it. good job.

  14. ultimate walkthrough,dude,the ufo-freeze-lake bit had me restarting it like 50 times! by the way ,aquan, go on http://WWW.GAMEPAPA.COM ,and search in rpg games until you find it.can’t say how cool you are at the mo ,Paweł Gościcki.gotta go brag to my mates! tehy haven’t even done the bit where you get the ufo out of the hover pad!

  15. man,i have got to pay more attention to the screen when writing comments!

  16. when the bird shoots, misses the spider, then knocks down the ladder the carrot dissapears and the lake doesnt drain…
    What The?

  17. hay, am i stupid? cuz i CANNOT get the dang pebble to hit the dang UFO, i need a better metaphor than ” when the UFO goes off the screen ” should i clic Arthur or Levers first? Should i clic before the UFO goes off the screen or after… HELP!
    ( by the way thanx 4 clearing up the directions! the names helped a lot! ) XD

  18. oops! NVM, i re-read the instructions and figured that one out… but i STILL cant hit the dangit UFO. >=(

  19. owkay, uhm… the rock seems to be going thru the UFO… i am so lost here…

  20. YES! I FINISHED IT!!! sorry about getting mad. the uhm UFO kinda made me kinda mad… BUT I FINISHED

  21. Brilliant! i dont know how u managed to work out this one, but ur instructions were absolutely brill paul! thx! xxxx

  22. omiword, this took me forever! especially the part of hitting the UFO with the rock! i know its been forever since someone posted a comment, but those instructions were the best!

  23. i did it! thx so much…your instructions were kinda hard to comprehend but if i re-read them i understood it more. neway…thx again!

  24. i spent 3 hours trying then sayed screw it and used the walkthrouth it was not confusing at all thanks alot man

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