Google AdSense will not display any ads

I’ve been noticing a strange problem with my Google Adsense advertisements. Quite often, in fact just too often, Google would not serve any ads in the right sidebar of my homepage. There would be just this blank space staring at your face. What’s weird though is the fact that the ads would display properly on any of the content pages. No ads equals no money, so that was not acceptable.

Trying out different ad combinations and sizes I’ve noticed that the ads would suddenly start appearing when there was only one ad block per page (be it a homepage or a content page). Most of the time I had three and I’ve rarely seen all of them being displayed. Placing just one helped greatly. I’m thinking that maybe Google has some content to ads ratio system in place as that would at least partially explain this behavior. Nonetheless it’s working now (meaning that at least one ad block is displaying properly all of the time).

It’s a pity that Google does not want to make more money off me letting me decide how many ads to run ;)

UPDATE: Seems I’m not the only one.

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Paweł Gościcki

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4 thoughts on “Google AdSense will not display any ads”

  1. Yeah it’s a pity but 5 ads is plenty. How many readers actually bother to click even those? If you had more you’d have a cluttered page. It’s not about how many ads you got it’s about how many people click them and buy.

  2. You’re only partly right. There are some very long pages and, for example, ads at the bottom of that kind of pages would not clutter them. Same goes for Firefox ads, which could be placed anywhere next to the other ads.

  3. Happens to me often. Sometimes a blank spot, I refresh and the ads are showing. I believe it has to do with JS not loading for some reasons.

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