Whew! I have just finished Hapland 1. A lot of effort had to be put in to actually complete it! This game is unbelievably hard. I ditched it two times only to return after a couple of days – but as the saying goes – nothing beats the fresh mind. Each time I moved a few steps closer to the goal. And, of course, each time I got blocked at some point. However, I am a very stubborn and ambitious person, so when I had my goal set to finish this game, I intended to do so. And so I did. FINALLY! So now it’s time for Hapland 2, which seems to be much more complicated (which means that I’ll be more than happy to finish it within a month).

Hapland 1 game

This game is way too addictive…

And now for the thing that came here for:

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7 thoughts on “Hapland”

  1. I’ve never heard of hapland, but it looks like a really fun game =) I’m currently addicted to Ape Escape haha I can’t seem to take my hands off of the psp.

  2. i hav completed hapland2 but i cant do number 1….any chance of a walkthrough plz

  3. Currenlty giving Hapland a try, there is a really good sets of games called Grow that you may like (can be found by google). Grow RPG was my favourite of the bunch, managed to complete both Grow and Grow RPG so far.

  4. I’m still trying to get past the strawberries on Pacman, although I did once get to the end of Golden Axe on my Megadrive. Incidentally, Hapland 3 is out now. Has anyone completed it yet? Got any tips?

  5. Ahah, I agree, this game is too addictive. I played it a year ago. It took me more than 3 hours to complete it without any cheats or solution . Is there any similar games?

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