Hapland 3 walkthrough

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Much to my surprise Hapland 3 has been released! It’s been over a year since Hapland 2 saw the light of the day, yet I still remember very clearly my struggles to finish this highly addictive game.

By the looks of it, Hapland 3 seems to be much more complicated than the first two parts. Complicated as in harder. Hopefully I’ll have it finished by the end of July.

Hapland 3

Now I know what you came here for in the first place, the walkthrough itself. I really do think it’s so much more fun to solve all of the puzzles by yourself, but oh well, if you persist…

The complete Hapland 3 walkthrough/solution:

  • Click on the stickman beside the carrot to make it walk to right and click on the carrot, before he eats it, click the top of the box below to hit the carrot down to the cave and at the same time click the 2 yellow flies before they take away the carrot.
  • Click the leverman until you see another carrot, click stickman to eat it.
  • Click on the right side of the box to release a flap.
  • Click leverman again until you see the arrow. Click the other red arrow to face right.
  • Click the arrow above the stickman and the stickman will go down.
  • Activate both the hover pads.
  • Click on the UFO and when it gonna abduct the stickman, click on the right yellow button under the box so that it abduct the rolling stone instead and the landmine exploded and the stickman run into the house and flush the toilet.
  • Click the doorbell, click on the stickman again so that it go up the platform.
  • Click stickman again so that it goes left.
  • Click leverman until you see shield.
  • Click on the switch beside the green arrow and click on leverman.
  • Click the tube to bend upwards.
  • Click on the UFO, when it fly out of the screen, click on the shield and click on the leverman so that the stone will hit the UFO and freezes the pond. (Timing is required).
  • Click on the shield and click the leverman two more times and this will shoot a rock and a black bomb, bounce off the shield into the basket.
  • Turn on the light above the door and the stickman will go back to the other side.
  • Click the gear on the center of the box and click the left yellow button to launch a wheel to other side of the lake.
  • Click the switch on beside the green arrow again and pull the lever until you see red bomb, click on the bomb.
  • Click the leaves above the crow and spider will come out.
  • Click on the window to drop carrot.
  • Click the spider then at the same time click the crow. Timing is important again, it sequence are done correctly then the crow will shoot down a ladder and drain the lake.
  • Click the switch beside the green arrow again to make leverman go down to the bottom of the lake.
  • Click the top of the right tree to drop fruit destroy the hover pad.
  • Click on the bell and the mechanic will come down to repair, when he is outside, close the door behind him.
  • When he is at the red arrow, click him will climb up the ladder.
  • Click him again will burn the vine.
  • Click him again he will come down.
  • Click arrow twice to point right.
  • Open the gate between bathroom window and repaired hover pad.
  • Click on the left of the crate in the cave.
  • Click the mechanic to go down the cave.

Last part is the hardest, again timing is very important. Click on the mechanic, when the cart just underneath the red blob, click on it and the orange doughnut will drop into the cart, when the cart move to the left cave and just before the opening of cave, press the leverman in the bottom of the lake so that a green doughnut will drop into the cart and release the monster which eventually smash the bottom right cave and reveal a do not press green button.

Do not push the button because it will blow up the guy in the cave. You can still finish even if you do, but if you let him live, you can see some concept art for all 3 Hapland games at the end. Click the gear at the bottom right to change the sign to blue press button. Now press it and shout: I did it!

The above review comes from a comment by one of my users.

Subspace – the new meaning of life

It has all started at the Netvision conference. I was attending a lecture about advergaming (using games for advertising). The host gave a side example of an online game (almost a MMOG to be exact) called Tankmania. It’s not really an advergame, as there are no ads in the game. It was rather an example of how popular an online flash-based game can be. As soon as I had the chance I had logged into Tankmania to check it out. The next minute I was hooked. Two weeks have passed and I was playing it almost daily. The problems started appearing when the game stopped working. I could not connect for two straight days. I was desperate.

At the end of the second day I decided that it was time to try some other MMOG. Back in the day (in 1996 and 1997) I used to play Subspace. Very intensively, I might add. I could play for 12-13 hours straight. I stopped playing it when all of the official servers went offline. Back then I have thought that the game has been discontinued, but now I was on a mission to find out what has actually happened to Subspace. 10 minutes reading the Wikipedia entry and my hopes were up as the article was very clear that the game is still alive and doing quite good! And what’s more, it is still being actively developed and is completely free to play! The very next minute I was downloading the Continuum client. Upon firing up the game old memories started coming back to me. I was almost crying. Subspace, my only true love…

Subspace in all its glory

I knew my life has found a new meaning.

BTW: You can usually find me playing SSCU Trench Wars under the very meaningful nickname: XML over HTTP.

EDIT: If you want to know more about Subspace, you can watch this great introductory movie.

Hapland 2

Hapland 2 finished! Damn, it was hard. It took me countless efforts to figure out all of the quirks. And no, I did not cheat. I have spent countless hours on this game and it was well worth it! I said in my previous Hapland post, that it would probably take me about a month to finish Hapland 2. Actually it took me two and a half weeks, which is quite an accomplishment, I think, as the game is really hard (I know, I’m saying this all over again and again…). If you haven’t played it yet, you should definitely give it a try!

Play Hapland 2

And now for the thing that came here for:

Although I still think that walkthroughs spoil all the fun! And believe me when I say that I had lots of it!


Whew! I have just finished Hapland 1. A lot of effort had to be put in to actually complete it! This game is unbelievably hard. I ditched it two times only to return after a couple of days – but as the saying goes – nothing beats the fresh mind. Each time I moved a few steps closer to the goal. And, of course, each time I got blocked at some point. However, I am a very stubborn and ambitious person, so when I had my goal set to finish this game, I intended to do so. And so I did. FINALLY! So now it’s time for Hapland 2, which seems to be much more complicated (which means that I’ll be more than happy to finish it within a month).

Hapland 1 game

This game is way too addictive…

And now for the thing that came here for: