Russian rocket missile shot over Eastern Poland

It all happened after 9 am on Saturday, 17th of June in Łomża, a small town in the Eastern Poland. There was a loud noise and few seconds later something big crashed into the ground. Luckily, no one was hurt. The object hit a car – Nissan Primera (pictured below) parked at local housing estate. It managed to crash the windshield, control panel and the engine of the car.

Russian rocket missile hit the car in Eastern Poland

Eyewitnesses began wondering what actually this thing is that fell from they sky. Looking at the crashed car some of them were assuming it must have fallen from an airplane passing by. The doubts were dispelled by sappers from the local army unit. – This is a part of a Russian rocket missile from the 1950s. – It seems someone was conducting a military experiment nearby.

The missile is about 15 centimeters wide and over 50 cm long. The police is looking for a person who shot it up in the air. Not everyone is convinced that it was shot from the ground, though. Some of the local residents believe it was UFO. – It must have fallen from the space. You don’t see that kind of missiles just lying on the street – argues Mr. Jan.


V for Vendetta poster

Only after it had ended I have realized that there is actually no Keanu Reeves in the newest Wachowski brothers movie. I was hundred per cent sure that he acts in it! At first I thought that V is him and his voice is just distorted (and that he will finally remove his mask). After one hour had passed I have begun to think that he might be just another hero or a villain that will appear in the second half of the movie. None of that has happened. I mean, just look at the poster below. Doesn’t he she look very much alike Neo from The Matrix (especially while looking from a distance)?

V for Vendetta poster crop

What’s important, though, is that Keanu Reeves acts in another new Sci-Fi movie called A Scanner Darkly directed by Richard Linklater. Can’t wait to see this one!

Crazy Frog – Popcorn Video

Crazy Frog - Popcorn video

Continuing the tradition of hosting the Crazy Frog videos, below is the WMV file of the “Popcorn video”. The quality is not so great as the original video, but it’s still good enough to be watchable. On top of that, Crazy Frog has his penis in its place, which means that it must be some uncensored European version:

As a bonus, there’s also a 23 seconds long popcorn video teaser (released a few months ago), featuring Crazy DJ Frog. Although called teaser, I did not find anything in common with those two videos. Here it goes:


Tic-tac shock

Now some people know that I am a tic-tac addict, so one could make the assumption that I know how each tic-tac looks inside. Wrong! As of lately I had simply no idea. It all happened a little while ago. I’ve just bought a pack of extra strong tic-tacs, came home and emptied out some of them onto my hand. And there it was… this one very awkward tic-tac. Unlike all the others it was… brown! Without thinking I threw it into the thrash can. As I was eating the other ones it got me thinking though. How come this one was different from the rest? What if others are brown too? Scary thought,… but I just had to be sure. I broke three others in half. What a shock it was to find out that every one of them was brown inside! My world view has been shattered.

The shocking truth, pictured:

Tic-tac shock

Now you may not believe me and say that this picture is fake and all tic-tacs are actually white inside – that is your right. I advise you, however, to break your own tic-tac in half and see for yourself ;)

The whole Chuck Norris meme

Chuck Norris

It has all started when NBC acquired Universal Pictures (May, 2004) and Conan O’Brien (of the Late Night with Conan O’Brien fame) dug up the archives of Walker, Texas Ranger. He has carefully chosen about a dozen clips from various episodes and showed them to the public, having lots of fun in between. Shortly thereafter someone made the list of the so called Chuck Norris facts and that’s when it all really started. Over the course of one year the trend became so huge, that Chuck himself issued an official response.

Funny thing is, that at first I had though it was only a local, Polish meme, as there’s a huge Polish list of Chuck Norris facts (over 500). It’s such a popular trend in Poland, that even people not using computers talk about it. Only lately I’ve found out the true source of it all.

All hail to Chuck Norris, who has counted to infinity. Twice.

Two videos which made my day

There is nothing better than watching funny videos while having the usual “Christmas-time” depression. Not that I’m that down or anything, but it’s not the first time I’m not happy enough during this special time of the year. And we should all be happy! At least I hope you will be after watching those two very funny videos. First one is the “official” guide to eating Japanese sushi. Here it goes:

(download, 29 MB)

The second one is an extremely well done Bollywood movies parody:

(download, 6 MB)

They really made my day. That’s my Christmas present to you, my dear readers. Merry Christmas!

Now if there was a way to save those videos on hard disk. That would be so great!

UPDATE: When there’s a will, there’s always a way. Thanks, Dzentelman, for those two links, which let you save Google videos on your hard disk. You’ll need FLV Player as well to play them back.