Two videos which made my day

There is nothing better than watching funny videos while having the usual “Christmas-time” depression. Not that I’m that down or anything, but it’s not the first time I’m not happy enough during this special time of the year. And we should all be happy! At least I hope you will be after watching those two very funny videos. First one is the “official” guide to eating Japanese sushi. Here it goes:

(download, 29 MB)

The second one is an extremely well done Bollywood movies parody:

(download, 6 MB)

They really made my day. That’s my Christmas present to you, my dear readers. Merry Christmas!

Now if there was a way to save those videos on hard disk. That would be so great!

UPDATE: When there’s a will, there’s always a way. Thanks, Dzentelman, for those two links, which let you save Google videos on your hard disk. You’ll need FLV Player as well to play them back.

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