Goals for 2006

This year, let’s make something different. How about a list of New Year’s goals? Just for a change. Not that I did not make lists like this one in the past, it’s just that I have never shared one with the whole wide world. So here it goes:

  1. Increase my income by at least 20% (might be hard as the stock market was surprisingly generous last year),
  2. Make my diet a little bit more vegetarian (increasingly),
  3. Try out the 5–Day Juice Fast (drink only fresh fruit/vegetable juice for five days straight),
  4. Become an early riser,
  5. Try, for at least 14 days, polyphasic sleep (Wikipedia definition) – this one’s huge

I’m keeping my fingers crossed in order to achieve at least some of those goals. And just so there is no confusion, yes, Steve Pavlina is my personal role model and a true hero. I’m very proud to be following his footsteps.

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3 thoughts on “Goals for 2006”

  1. There is only one sort of a goal, but I just do not believe in all this New Year’s resolutions/goals. That doesn’t mean I don’t like/believe in planning, but – life had thought me that planning doesn’t really work or – in other words, that it only works on some levels while on other it always fails. Nevertheless, well I have got this one sort of a goal, and that’s where I’m going to stop.

  2. That is a secret (shaaa). But if it works’, you might see its result. :) Kinf of… well, it’s a challange, something to work on. Difficult, really tough – for me. But that’s all I can say :)

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