26 thoughts on “Crazy Frog is dead”

  1. It reminds me of a scene from “True Lies”, I guess, and of another one – from “Broken Arrow”. I mean, there were a few films with guys trying to face a missile up thier ass…

    Nevertheless, nice. It made me laugh.

  2. Good you killed him! He almost made me sick.. Now somebody else (you! thx) made the dirty work for me ;-)


  3. Well done, its so damn irritating! Do you know where i can get a “dead frog” ringtone?

  4. i got a crazy frog vid and ringtone and sme betta pics lol cya and the lil bastard dies

  5. pero esque esta todo el mundo loco o que? bale reconocco que maree un poco…pero esque os pasais mirad a mi no me gusta shakira pero boy por ai caminando por la bida sin pausas pero sin prisas diciendo que maten a shakira NO asi que dejad a crazy frog que no os a echo na bamos rana que tu puedes

  6. hey– my lil nephew loves that frog!he cried when he saw this:( uno ppl jus ciah go round d kill stuff uno nuh like:P or else i mih a done kill all my teachers:P hehe—-but nice photoshop work tho:P i like yogurt!!!!!:P

  7. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That sun of a **** finally died! Oh no….Now they will make comemerative songs about him…Luckily for only a day or two…

  8. Hey we like the crazy frog big time may he continue to LEAP ON…
    He adds joy and loads of laughs and fun!!!

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