Can’t not create

Despite being written in 2000, it is still valid. Probably even more now than it was back then. And I could not agree more with Mark Pilgrim’s words:

As I write this, the year is 2000, and the Internet is a battleground of intellectual property disputes. Some people would like you to believe that, without proper financial incentives, music, literature, and computer software would disappear. After all, who would make music if they can’t make money on it? Who would write? Who would program? I know the answer. The answer is that musicians will make music, not because they can make money, but because musicians are the people who can’t not make music. Writers will write because they can’t not write. I’ve been programming for 16 years, writing free software for 8. I can’t imagine not doing this. If you can imagine yourself not doing what you’re doing, do something else. Do whatever it is that you can’t not do.

You don’t need money to create art. No matter what kind of art it is. Will we see the end of big record companies and even bigger movie studios? Or putting it another way, will we see more and more independent (and without any copyright burden) work gaining its momentum and being a commercial success for its creators? I certainly hope so.

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Greasemonkey Firefox extension

I’ve been a little hesitant about installing greasemonkey as I already have too many installed extensions (seven at that time). Even though celebrities (also called A-list bloggers) like Robert Scoble were praising it. What convinced me was this little script that always switches gmail into https mode. So simple, yet so useful. I just could not resist.

// ==UserScript==
// @name GMailSecure
// @namespace
// @description force GMail to use secure connection
// @include*
// ==/UserScript==
window.location.href=window.location.href.replace(/^http:/, 'https:');

And then came the madness of installing more and more user scripts. I was hooked.

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120GB/mo hosting with ssh/php/mysql for 9$/year

And it also includes 2.4GB disk space, 120GB monthly bandwidth allotment and a free top-level domain registration (.com, .net, .org or .info), worth $15 alone. When you calculate it, you may actually come to the conclusion, that Dreamhost, because this is the hosting company I am shamelessly advertising, is actually paying you $6 just to host with them! Isn’t it amazing?

Now as for the details… Normal price for this offer is about 90-110$/year (depending on whether you pay up front for one or two years of hosting), which is not that bad deal at all. But it gets much better. If you enter the special promotional code, you will have 100$ subtracted from the total amount you have to pay. And the special code is… 777! You must enter it in the fifth step of the registration process (you sign up for the Crazy Domain Insane hosting plan). $9/year is valid only throughout the first year and you can only pay by credit card. I have no idea how much longer will this promotional code be valid, so if it does not work for you, please let me know.

This offer gave me just enough motivation to start treating blogging more seriously, like using my real name and blog in my own top-level domain. And all of this thanks to Jesse Ruderman! You’re the man!

UPDATE: The 777 promo code is no longer accepted (quoting Dreamhost: Sorry, all the promo code 777s have already been used). You may, however, use another promotional code, which takes 50$ off your bill (depending on the plan you choose. The code is quite simple, you just have to enter XXX.

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