The demise of Google?

Is it time for Yahoo now? Who knows. All I know is that I receive about 2,5x more juice from Yahoo than from Google. This blog is a nice example of how search engines deal with new content. On the one hand my blog is relatively new and not linked-to, besides one link from Max Thrane and few others left in comments on other blogs. On the other hand it has good and relevant content (the crazy frog video) that people search for, find and download (it generates about 10GB of traffic a day). Do more people use Yahoo? Hardly so. All comes down to the fact that Yahoo lists my blog higher than Google for various crazy frog queries.

Should they list my blog high for those queries? Sure. In fact I should be at least in the top three results for this query as my blog is actually one of the three websites which host it (at least the high bandwidth version). This means that my content is 100% relevant. I’m ranked at number 6 on Yahoo for this query (which isn’t that bad after all) and outside of the top 200 on Google. This says a lot – mostly along the lines of “you are not good enough to be a Google citizen”.

Coincidentally, Marek Futrega writes about the Google’s outdated index for special link: queries. Let’s see who actually links to my blog: Google, Yahoo and MSN. The results speak for themselves.

Big changes are always initiated by small symptoms. Just like those described above. Is it the indication of Google’s demise? Maybe so, maybe not, but it clearly gives their competitors the advantage to shine in those areas (and take away a small piece of pie from them).

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