16 thoughts on “Firefox passes the Acid2 test”

  1. Tell me if I am wrong, but this just replaces the code for the test with a call to load the reference image right?

    It doesn’t make you pass the test, it bypasses it.

  2. Yup. That’s the magic of greasemonkey. Right in your face.

    What did you expect from five lines of code, anyway? It’s not Ruby on Rails :)

  3. That’s not passing the test, that’s removing the test. If I were at school and hand in a blank paper instead of the test I was supposed to make, I wouldn’t be considered to have passed the test. No offense to Fx, but this is plainly wrong.

  4. Wow that’s funny.

    Too bad a sense of humour is also apparently lacking in more than a few.

    But a dry wit gets used to it.

  5. In my opinion Opera is the best browser at this moment. In my experience I have never had problems with it. However I had alot of performance problems with firefox.

  6. I had a few times where I would go on with Opera for a few days, but I always returned to the much more powerfull Firefox.

  7. so if you consider firefox does not have to pass the test if it can simply replace it with an image, maybe you could do the same for the rest of the internet? i would be very thankful if you could upload a picture of every single site on the internet so that it always looks correctly instead of being rendered using the browser’s buggy engine. thank you!

  8. Aside from bypassing a single site of many, the default urls that the script uses no longer match the current Acid2 url location, thus making the script disabled til you change the url in the configuration.

    Basically doesn’t fix anything but rather modified one single instance of a known problem which does nothing for the rest of the net.

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