WP Movie Ratings v1.0 released!

Finally, just as promised, WP Movie Ratings – a wordpress plugin which lets you rate movies with just 1 click (using Firefox bookmarklet) has been released. It took me about three months to have everything polished (hReview implementation, code comments, documentation, pictures) and made ready for public consumption. Version 1.0 is available for download. Installation instructions, screenshots, faq and other important information is located on a separate page dedicated to this project.

The code is open source and has been released under the GNU GPL license.

Introducing movie ratings

Those who know me are also familiar with my love for movies. That’s why I’ve decided that it would be great to write a web application, that would let me easily rate them. That includes, but is not limited to: AJAX, automated title fetching from imdb and a firefox bookmarklet. Original inspiration came from Kottke. He had this kind of system on his blog for as long as I can remember (besides the sole idea, I might have also stolen those star images, I’m not quite sure now, though). It took me a little while before this project came to realization. Implementing it as a WordPress plugin seemed like the best idea. This way I can share my movie ratings with the whole wide world. And so I have finally dealt with my procrastination and simply wrote it. You can see the result just below the first note on the front page. In the foreseeable future I plan on releasing this plugin to the public (GPL). There are still some things I need to implement (RSS feed, for one). Although, if there’s any demand (at all), I might release it sooner rather than later.

UPDATE: WP Movie Ratings has been released as a WordPress plugin.