So what is the “rabbit’s foot” anyway?

  • It was the briefcase from Pulp Fiction.
  • ye lol, but i heard that the briefcase in pulp fiction is actually the dvels soul
  • it was Ving Rhames soul in pulp fiction.. and thats why he helped get it in this film
  • It is also the Maltese Falcon, the Continuum Transfunctioner, and the weird glow in the trunk of the car in “Repo Man”.
  • a mcdonalds mcmuffin
  • A toaster strudle… Davian gets hungry too.
  • Its the episode when the coyote catch and eat the roadrunner…
  • Its Paris Hiltons latest sex tape.
  • it s the script for the final ever episode of Lost. thus why JJ Abrams wanted Cruise to get it back.
  • Obviously, the Rabbit’s foot is Larry Wachowsky’s penis.
  • It’s Suri Cruise’s bronzed poop.
  • It’s the key to getting laid.
  • Its the one ring to rule them all.
  • It was Ethan Hunt’s Good Luck gift.
  • It’s the weapons of mass destruction the US never found in Iraq
  • it s deux ex machina.
  • If you look very closely you can see a little white furry paw in that glass thingy
  • The script for MI4

God, I love imdb boards. And MI-3 was a fantastic movie!

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