Damn, I love imdb

I’ve just finished watching Silent Hill and I could swore I’ve almost understood it. Almost makes a difference, though. First thing I did was opening the imdb board for this movie. Surprise, surprise at the very top of the list is the post called Complete Guide to Understanding Silent Hill. After reading it (don’t do that if you haven’t watched the movie!) I’ve bumped the rating from 9 to 10 as this is truly an excellent work (and everything makes so much sense!). Not to mention that I was a little bit off from the true meaning of the story. At moments like this I really do love imdb.

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3 thoughts on “Damn, I love imdb”

  1. Silent Hill is a brilliant movie that can be misunderstood quite abit – luckily I had a friend who had played all the games to explain to me what happened all the way through the movie.

    On the way out I even heard some Chav’s say that entire world had died and the mother/child where the only people left – that’s why it was greyed out. I feel sorry for our next generation, don’t you? :P

  2. “Kod da Vinci” nie dorównuje książce, Tom Hanks jest beznadziejny, zero iskry z Audrey. Można obejrzeć. Ale całość jest tylko spoko. Bez rewelacji. A Ron Howard to rzemieślnik. A w przypadku książki – Brown powtarza swój schemat. A materiały do ‘Kodu Leonarda da Vinci” wyszukała mu żona, ale research nie był najlepszy, bo jest w fabule wyszły wpadki, za dużo ich.

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