Review: Nordkraft (2005)

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You could definitely call it the Danish version of Traffic. Only with less cops and more drugs and their affect on people. Mostly bad, as you might have guessed. It presents a rough and very real look into the Danish drug underworld.

Three interconnected stories, that begin as completely separate, while ending mixed up. Maria, small-time pusher delivering drugs, Allan, returning to his hometown after an accident on his boat and Steso, a bright young man, who says that drugs open his mind.

While being mostly dramatic and tragic, it has its funny moments too. One of the most memorable quotes goes like this:

– Did you screw me while I slept?
– Yes.
– You can’t do that!
– I didn’t wake you up, did I?
– You’re sick!
– You always say we don’t fuck enough. And when we fuck, you sleep!
– I hate you. (…) Was it good?
– Better than ever.

It reminded me of Requiem for a Dream. When you think about it, those movies have very much in common. While you may easily accuse it of being Requiem’s rip-off, you may also say that Requiem was a Trainspotting rip-off. Actually it was, but that’s a different story. The point is, that while all of those movies center around drugs, presenting similar problems, the stories themselves are quite different.

All in all, very disturbing movie. Highly recommended.

Nordkraft/Angels in Fast Motion (2005)

Rating: 10/10

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