Intel Core 2 Duo power consumption

During the recent move of my development machine to the basement I’ve conducted a test telling me what is the actual power consumption of my new Core 2 Duo powered server. Basically, it is a normal PC: Core 2 Duo E6300 1.86GHz, 2 x 512MB DDR2, 2 x 250GB SATA 7200rpm (RAID 1), old PCI graphic card and a 350W power supply. All running latest Ubuntu (currently 7.04 Feisty Fawn, server edition). Since it is a development machine, it’s idle most of the time (98% or even more). And this is the state I was making my measurements in. So what are the results? Well, I was quite surprised how low my power consumption actually is. I took three tests, which indicated basically the same: about 77 Watts. Even taking into the account temporary power usage spikes (when I’m actually using the machine…) it shouldn’t cost me more than 4$ per month to keep it running 24/7. Isn’t that sweet? ;)

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2 thoughts on “Intel Core 2 Duo power consumption”

  1. That is sweet, also it’s surprising. Are you running the Server edition of Feisty or Desktop? I guess I’d wanna check the power consumption on my machine. What tool did you use to check it?

  2. I’m running the server edition of Ubuntu, but I believe it has hardly any impact on power consumption (unless you use X). I have two power meters in my house, one of which is mostly unused, so I’ve just connected the server with the meter and v’oila! ;)

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