Kania Lodge – my first public Rails project

To be honest, I’ve been a Rails programmer/enthusiast for quite a while now (something along 1.5 years; I think I’ve first downloaded it in July, 2005) but it’s only now that I can show you my first public project using this awesome framework. So without further ado, here it is, the Kania Lodge:

Kania Lodge

The Rails part on this website is the custom CMS that is backing it all up (based on RedCloth). Most of the hard work was with the design, though (Photoshop, etc.). I know it is a hardly original design as I’m not a full-time designer, yet I’ve done my best for it to look good. I’ve aimed for simplicity, cleanliness and good overall feel/aesthetics. Did I miss or am I right on the spot? :)

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Paweł Gościcki

Ruby/Rails programmer.

2 thoughts on “Kania Lodge – my first public Rails project”

  1. Wow, the scenery looks beautiful in there.

    So how do you think Ruby on Rails stacks up to say PHP? I do a lot of PHP development myself but I’m really interested in Ruby. Is it worth making the jump from PHP to Rails?

  2. The jump is more than worth it. I was very confused by Rails at first but I did not give up. I’ve done few different tutorials and with each of them I was learning more about the Rails way of doing things until something clicked and I just got it. Now I look at PHP with disgust…

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