Less is more

John Borrell, my boss and owner of Wine Express, a small wine selling company in Kartuzy, Poland:

The visit to TerraMater reminded me of what Wine Express is all about. We are not the biggest wine company in Poland and we don’t even have the widest selection of wines. But I think we are the company that is closest to the people who grow the grapes and make the wines that we sell in Poland.

In the past year alone we have personally visited more than a dozen wineries in New Zealand, Italy, France, Argentina and Chile, and in doing so got to know a lot about both the wines and the people who make them. We have also introduced scores of our clients to these winemakers and producers.

Small is the new big. Indeed.

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  1. I sometimes cannot figure you out…

    I meant to say someting differnt but I forgot. Nevertheless, Mr Borrell is, in a way, my – not a hero, but, for sure, a fascinating persona.

  2. Whenever you see a film, I haven’t seen (but wanted to) – and I see that your rating isn’t the best of all, quite the oposite – I’m glad – in this naugsty, sort of ‘griny’ way :P

    hehehe :PPP

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