2 million Firefox users in Poland

According to a recent measure (article in Polish) conducted by Gemius (a Polish company tracking internet users in our country) the number of Firefox users in Poland has surpassed the two million barrier, giving it a 17% usage in the browser market. That, of course, does not give us the lead in Europe, but in my opinion it’s a pretty high number. And, of course, it’s climbing. Here’s the chart:

Firefox usage in Poland

Go, Firefox!

UPDATE: It seems that ranking.pl (the source of this chart) counts each cookie as a user, while in fact there are way more cookies than real users (check the comments for details).

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2 thoughts on “2 million Firefox users in Poland”

  1. It’s not 2 million users but *cookies*.
    Ranking.pl gives all numbers in cookies and the number of cookies is much much higher than then actual number of people from whom they come (e.g. all in all there are 11 million cookies in a week and about 30 million in a month but only 9-10 million actual users).

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