Suddenly my world became much, much clearer


Or putting it in another words – I have my first glasses! The thing with my eyes is that they are fairly good, just not quite perfect. Up until now I simply didn’t care. I had been certain I was seeing everything as clear and sharp as it is possible. Lately, however, I started noticing that my sight is much worse after working for 12+ hours in front of the computer. My eyes could no longer focus on small text and I was having slight troubles with reading. I’ve said to myself: the time has finally come to deal with this. Without any further ado I had my eyes examined.

The doctor has said it was an inborn defect. Not huge, quite the contrary, but big enough to cause me some problems when my eyes are tired. It’s interesting to realize now how wrong I was back at the elementary school, thinking I had the best sight of them all. After the second sight test (confirming the results of the first) I was on my way to the nearest optician. And today is the day I got my new shiny glasses. Man, are they nice! And everything is so clear and sharp now!

There are some side effects, though. After a little while the glasses become so heavy I cannot bear wearing them any longer. I’m almost certain, however, that it’s only a matter of time until I will get used to that additional weight on my nose and stop noticing them. At least I hope it will be so.

Nonetheless I’m very happy to have them. Have I told you already that this world is so damn sharp?

Photo by Dave Witmer. Used without permission. Hi, Dave!

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