Paul Graham should run for president

Or at least should be a politician.

It’s not a surprise that every single one of Paul Graham’s essays is a great read. Some are, however, simply mindblowing. Such is the case with his newest writing entitled Inequality and Risk (not that it’s that new whatsoever, it’s just that only now I’ve been able to get a hold of some free time to read it). He usually writes about startups and risks associated with running them and this essay is no different. Although this time he also talks about macroeconomics and, well, politics. In particular, he describes the dependency between the number of startups and the level of inequality in wealth of a society. The question arises: how do you deal with inequality without ruining your country?

What is surprising is that not only he finds a way to solve this particular problem, but also proposes a very sane and thoughtful solution. The simplicity and adequacy of it just blew my mind. He is just so right.

Paul Graham for president?

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