Late night capistrano

Excerpt from my current Capistrano cheat sheet:

cap deploy_with_migrations
- will deploy normally and then run 'rake db:migrate' (SCARY!)
- 'cap disable_web' (FIRST!)
- WILL NOT RUN ANY :after_deploy methods (FUCK!)

Now don’t get me wrong, I really love Capistrano (now at 1.4) as it makes my development life a lot easier. It’s just those little bits that bite you in the ass in the most unexpected moment.

Oh, and I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for this behaviour.

UPDATE: It has its own ticket now.

Express Kaszubski – my second public Rails app

Express Kaszubski, a local Kaszubian (that’s in Poland) newspaper has just recently decided to stop releasing its printed edition and move entirely to the web. It was my honour to accompany during this move. The online edition took about a month to create. It’s just a basic website at the moment. No comments, no RSS feeds, although the CMS behind the scenes is quite powerful. All in Rails, of course.

Here is the snippet:

Express Kaszubski

And if you haven’t noticed by now, it’s all in Polish.

Apple against the DRM

While sensible and all, I was surprised when I’ve read it (despite it coming from Apple):

Why would the big four music companies agree to let Apple and others distribute their music without using DRM systems to protect it? The simplest answer is because DRMs haven’t worked, and may never work, to halt music piracy. Though the big four music companies require that all their music sold online be protected with DRMs, these same music companies continue to sell billions of CDs a year which contain completely unprotected music.

Source: Apple’s thoughts on music (via)

A real celebrity using my movie ratings plugin!

First I’ve received a standard support question concerning my WP Movie Ratings plugin (Help! Your plugin is not working!) from someone called Joshua J. Greene. He has a company that has something to do with the movies. I haven’t paid much attention to his website at first, but at some point I’ve decided to look him up on imdb and that’s when the surprise came. He actually had something to do with the Hoodwinked movie! He is an actor, producer, editor, cinematographer, composer and director (all in one). So I can be proudly say now that even celebrities use my plugin!

Reference: Joshua J. Greene movie ratings page.

Google and valid markup

Just a quick thought that has passed my mind while taking a shower today.

If I were at Google I would give a few more points to the page that consisted only of valid markup. Notice when I say valid, not semantic as the latter one gives you more google points beyond a shadow of a doubt. Valid markup says that the author simply cared more than the rest and as such it is more probable that its content is more relevant (but that, of course, is not true for all cases, take hosting blog services for example), so giving more points to such page would certainly makes sense.

I may, of course, be wrong :)